Saturday, May 5, 2012

Contrast of Two Retreats

My Starry Night sojourn in New Mexico last year early spring was one of sunny days. The mornings started off cool, but once the sun peeked over Turtleback Mountain the earth warmed up. By noon it could be 77° or thereabouts. Then came the wind and the whirling dust.

Whereas here at Blueberry View, I have never been on a wetter retreat. It has rained every day except for the day I arrived. Thank goodness because I had boxed my bike and tucked it into the bay of the bus. When I got off in Benton Harbor Sunday afternoon I pulled it out, reassembled the bike, put on the panniers I’d packed, and rode up here to Blueberry.

Last night a thick fog rolled in, obscuring the blueberry fields surrounding me. Even the ever-present drone of the trucks on the highway was muffled.

This a.m. it was misting.

I am here to attest: Creative energy can be wrung from rain.

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