Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm trademarking the phrase FLASH MEMOIR

I just had a short--what I'm calling Flash Memoir--taken by this:
Telling Our Stories Press, forthcoming short memoir anthology

I thought some of you might want to contribute too

here is the link and more info:

Telling Our Stories Press
Short Memoir Submission Guidelines~
Telling Our Stories Press seeks raw, close to the bone writing about meaningful personal experiences. We are seeking memoir that enlightens, entertains and connects with the reader at a basic human level – which usually naturally occurs when one examines ones life with depth, sincerity, and a desire for knowledge and understanding.

However, as with any memoir, there MUST be some uncovering of whatever wisdom was gained, (however slight) from a backward glance at an era in your life, experiences you’ve undergone, persons in your life, persons you’ve become, lessons learned, etc. We are especially partial to narratives created by the interior, personal writings derived  from creative journal writing. Your memoir should comprise meaningful moments, and readers should get a sense of why it was important to you to tell your story.

We are seeking literary personal narratives with well crafted writing employing literary techniques such as explicit or implied storyline, conflict, symbolism, theme, interiority, rich imagery and description. Entries will be judged on originality and the use of various structural forms, language and cohesive storytelling.

BUT, here at Telling Our Stories Press, we are also seeking memoir of different
SHAPES & SIZES.  We are seeking to push structure to create memoir art.


Amanda McKay said...

Hi Jane. when is the deadline to submit?

Beth Finke said...

Congrats, Jane! Will the publisher give you a certain number of free copies when the book is published, or is there some other compensation? I may tell the writers in the "Me, Myself and I" memoir-writing class about this...