Friday, September 23, 2011

Gone in Sixty Seconds!

Okay not gone and not exactly sixty seconds, but close. One of my favorite ways to keep up on new calls for submissions and to organize the submission process is Duotrope which is delivered weekly to my inbox. It lets me know which literary journals have opened up for submissions, which have closed, and which are now kaput. AND at the bottom is a list of THEME issues. This list has been VERY good to me in the past.

So messing around last Friday I saw there was a mag xalled Writer's Haven where there was a call for pieces having to do with tranquility or peace. I had one! Composed last spring while on residency at Starry Night in T or C, NM. It was only 322 words, but hey! So I e-mailed it off and as I was still sitting at the computer I got a reply.

Accepted! And it only took 6 minutes.

Sorry if this sounds like bragging, because, it is. There is very little us writers have--except for random, scattered, not often, bragging rights. Now if it happened all the time . . .  or if i got PAID for my stuff . . .
Well, that's just not going to happen. BTW my daughter also got another acceptance.

Does anyone need an agent?



Gen said...

That's so awesome Jane!

Sheila said...

Congratulations! Your essay must have been just what they were waiting for.