Thursday, February 17, 2011

I AM AWFUL--the new movie based on a book from James Frey's book factory

clip from a review posted at by  Andrew O'Hehir

"I am Number Four" -- and I am awful

A tasty young couple and some sneering black-clad aliens can't rescue James Frey's "Twilight" rip-off

Alex Pettyfer and Teresa Palmer in "I Am Number Four"
If you feel like a substandard knockoff "Twilight" movie is far better than no "Twilight" movie at all -- well, first of all, there is no mockery or judgment here. This is a safe space. You can share with us. The disease is much, much bigger than you are. We get it. Yes, I think a Higher Power could help you, but that choice is yours. You understand, or at least your rational mind does, that "I Am Number Four" is an ultra-expedited movie-type product adapted from the first volume of "Lorien Legacies," the utterly cynical young-adult alien franchise created by James Frey, he of the not-entirely-truthful memoir. The distance between this movie and anybody who actually cares -- about it or anything else, frankly -- is measured in light-years and filled with dark matter, like the distance between galaxies.

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