Rose Metal Press, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit publisher of hybrid genres specializing in the publication of short short, flash, and micro-fiction; prose poetry; novels-in-verse or book-length linked narrative poems; and other literary works that move beyond the traditional genres of poetry, fiction, and essay to find new forms of expression.
Fast Forward Press is dedicated to publishing compressed forms of literature across the globe. Since 2007, they have published an annual anthology of flash fiction.
Telling Our Stories Press (TOSP) is an independent literary imprint with a focus on
the art of short memoir and personal narratives.
Wising Up Press is looking for short memoir. Their motto is finding the We in Them, the Us in You.   
Writer’s Relief is an on-line newsletter that compiles calls for submissions to anthologies. bioStories is an on-line anthology of flash memoir and personal stories.
Poets & Writers classifieds list calls for anthology submissions plus contests, and more.
Future Tense Publishing
EChapbooks, on various themes
Freeze Frame 1000 words or less.


100 Word Story. That’s right, 100 words. 
The Boiler Journal, nothing over 2,500 words
Ruminate. A print journal that accepts flash
Vestal Review. A print journal with some on-line content. PAYS!
Stories up to 100 words (excluding the title)--10 cents a word.
Stories between 101 and 200 words--5 cents a word.
Stories between 201 and 500 words--3 cents a word.
The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts is a non-profit publisher of compressed creative arts, such as micro fiction, flash fiction, prose poetry, compressed poetry & visual arts, and whatever other forms compression might take
Hippocampus asks that submissions be no more than 3,500 words in the memoir and essay category and less than 800 words for flash creative nonfiction pieces
Fringe accepts flash fiction 1,000 words or less
The Molotov Cocktail is interested in volatile flash fiction, words not to exceed 1000 words
The Postcard Press accepts prose submissions of up to 100 words
SmokeLong publishes flash fiction up to 1000 words. No memoir or non-fiction.
Brevity publishes brief essays, 750 words or less
Monkeybicycle accepts one-sentence stories
Two Sentence Stories. Big stories in two-little sentences.
The Collagist considers all lengths of short fiction, from short-shorts through novella. Send one story, one novella, or a batch of one to three short-shorts
Flash Fiction On-line publishes stories from 500 to 1,000 words in length
Toasted Cheese Literary
Wig Leaf stories under 1000 words
Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog=Flash Fridays
Tin House Magazine=Flash Friday
20 Minutes a Day
3:amMagazine doesn't pay, less than 2,000 words
Matter Press, a journal that publishes weekly compressions & decompressions
Ardor Lit Mag, SHORT-SHORTS (up to 1000 words, up to 3 pieces)
365 Tomorrows, science fiction flash
Episodic flash<800 words
Popshot Magazine from the UK
Meekling Press postcard series!
Tell Us a Story ditto
Flash Frontier out of New Zealand (yeah!) <250 words, themed
Brilliant Flash Fiction <1,000 words
Glassworks <500 words



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You can also submit flash fiction under 750 words to

Or submit a 100 word story to
Thanks so much, I'm a-plannin' soon to add some updates.
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If you've got a funny flash fiction story or monologue in under 500 words, you can sent your story to
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